Another $147,000 Paid to Lovers Firm By Ilhan Omar's Campaign

Another $147,000 Paid to Lovers Firm By Ilhan Omar’s Campaign

As many already know, Tim Mynett’s company, Ilhan Omar’s lover was paid $230,000. Most recently, it has been discovered that the amount was actually just a little under $400,000. His firm was paid $147,000 by her campaign that we did not know about previously.

It has actually been reported that Omar and Mynett have been shacking up at a concealed Washington apartment, which her campaign was paying for him to circumnavigate the country with her.

There have now been several group that have filed complaints against her and chances are there could be more after these recent discoveries.

The charges against her are varied. They include marital relationship fraudulence, immigration fraudulence, tax fraud, as well as identity fraud … as well as the complaint concerning her campaign cash being made use of to deliver her fan to all of her events.

Both Omar and Tim Mynett were married when during their ‘hookups’. The affair ended up being public when Mynett’s wife declared divorce, naming his affair with Omar as the main cause of their marital separation.

She claimed he admitted the affair that he fell in love with Omar.

From The Gateway Pundit:

US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar paid her political consultant and lover almost $147,000 more for services than had previously been known, according to reports.

The payments were in addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars she gave to the company which had already been reported.

Omar’s campaign funneled $146,713 into finance chief Tim Mynett’s consulting firm, ‘The E Street Group’ for digital advertising, fundraising consulting and video production, records show, reports the New York Post.

That’s how much more the 38-year-old Minnesota lawmaker’s campaign pumped into Mynett’s firm since Peter Flaherty, chairman of the conservative National Legal and Policy Center in October filed an an amended complaint into Omar’s campaign spending with the Federal Election Commission.


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